Biblioteca di Schio

Biblioteca di Schio

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The user needs his personal borrower's card to obtain all the loan rights and to accomplish the various operations: borrowing, restitution, renew and reservation.


In order to get a library card, go to the loan office carring a value identity card (and the fiscal code).

In this way you will be registered and will became member of every library of the net.


The user may borrow and return books in any library: a book borowed in Schio could be returned in Thiene, Marano, Sarcedo, etc.

To get advices, suggestions or assistance, contact the library: our staff will help you!


On-line library

 Libraries' catalogue is on-line!



Visit it! You will be able to find books, DVDs, CDs and much more...

Just enter your search terms into the empty box (entire title, author, a word) and press the search botton


Access to the website and press LOGIN, after that enter your username and password:



  • If you have the library card use:

username = your library card barcode without the spaces, in capital letters (for
example BCS00nnnnn)
password = first two surname' letters and the last two numbers of your birth year


  • If you use your fiscal code:

username = fiscal code
password = your reverse birthday date (yyyy-mm-dd)


You can reserve an item through the botton RESERVATION (= PRENOTA) and indicate the library where you wish to collect it from.

When the items will be available at the loan office, you will be informed through SMSmail or phone calling.

(You can choose where collect the items, modifing the favourite library during the reservation process). 

Since you received the advise, you have five days to collect the reserved material.

Otherwise, your reservation will expire.


Entering in MyDiscovery (above, on the left), the user will visualize the state of his personal library card:

current loans (and the related expiring date);

Ready to borrow (reserved material, ready at the loan office);



Five days before and five days after the expiry date, the user has the possibility to renew and extend the items loan: press the button RENEW (=RINNOVA).


Loan, what and how long?


The maximum number of items is 4030 books and 10 multimedial items (reservations included).


Loans may be renewed twice. In case of reservation, the loan would not be renewed.


Overdue items will lead to a temporary suspension of the user card. The loan rights will be reactivated after a period as long as the last of the delay.



    30 days
    7 days 
  • CD – DVD
    7 days