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★ (Blackstar)
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Disco (CD)

Bowie, David

★ (Blackstar) / David Bowie

[S.l.] : Sony Music, Columbia, 2016

Abstract: 25th and final studio album. Released worldwide through Bowie's ISO Records label on 8 January 2016, Bowie's 69th birthday and two days before his death. The versions of "Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)" and "Tis A Pity She Was A Whore" on ★ are totally different recordings to that of the single David Bowie - Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) which was released in late 2014. (Discogs)

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Disco (CD)

The Who <gruppo musicale>

Tommy / The Who

[S.l.] : Polydor, 2013

Abstract: Universal thanks to Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, Jon Astley, Justin Brown, Myles Clarke, Andrew Daw, Tod Dockstader, Liam Donoghue, Chris Dwyer, Richard Evans, Richard Hinkley, Nicola Joss, Mike McInnerney (, Bob Pridden, Marek Pytel, James Radice, Robert Rosenberg, Emma Shalless, Karen Simmonds, Paul Walmsley, Richard Whittaker.

Greatest hits
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Disco (CD)

Bon Jovi <gruppo musicale>

Greatest hits / Bon Jovi

[London] : Mercury Records, 2010